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Circe Enterprises, established in 2000 offers a wide range of live phone sex chat services. From our humble beginnings nearly a decade ago to our present leading position in the telephone sex chat hotline internet market. Circe Enterprises has always known the customer comes first, no pun intended.

Value and satisfaction has made our forty plus phone sex locals a popular place for adults seeking live, uncensored sex chat via the telephone. No limits, no taboos, a wide variety of phone sex girls and all at the lowest possible price. Circe Enterprises looks forward to serving your adult phone sex needs.


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  • We deploy the finest and most advanced customer relationship management system available. You phone sex call is clear, private and your information is held to the strictest security standards.

Thank You For Choosing Circe Enterprises


Circe Enterprises thanks all our loyal clients that have made us the premium phone sex service in North America. We pledge to keep our prices low and integrate the latest technology so your phone sex experience is crystal clear. Your confidentiality is assured and you get the highest level of customer service possible when you us for phone sex chat.


Circe Enterprises and our phone sex network only employs people over the age of 18. All people depicted in images on our all our sex chat hotline sites are over the age of 18. Please keep in mind that we are a service for adults and minors should not view or use our phone sex services.